Asian boomers considered pre-owned items to be taboo, assuming that these items hold bad intentions. But finally, with the emergence of platforms like Carousell, second-hand items found a home online, thanks to the fascination of younger generations with vintage goods and the satisfaction of finding a good item for a fraction the price of its original cost. By following simple clicks, the brand partners can list their items for selling and by applying some great strategies they can make their product visible to a wider audience. 

    Understanding The Ultimate Selling Platform Carousell

    While the distinct selling platform emerges as a C2C/B2C mobile and web platform, it focuses to earn money by connecting buyers with sellers, moreover acting as a facilitator and an advertiser among the entire channel. Founded by Quek Siu Rui and Marcus Tan in Singapore, the inspiration behind were the leaders after completing an internship in Silicon Valley. Since advertising is the biggest source of revenue by the Carousell platform, sellers bid to occupy prominent spots with the in-app currency Carousell Coins, while it also offers subscription plans that give sellers access to business analytics and higher product quotas.

    Carousell- The Selling Platform’s Features

    Listed below are some interesting features that this selling station golds for its visitors and brand partners:

    Platform for C2C and B2C: We can call it a multi-national platform for smartphones and the web that work wonders to facilitate transactions between consumers and businesses.

    Mission-Oriented Approach: The people partnering with the distinct selling platform hold a goal to sell their products here as this platform simplifies online shopping and selling.

    User-Centric Approach: Hand-crafted to simplify buying and selling procedures online, the wonderful selling station caters to both individuals and businesses.

    Growth & Expansion: The next feature that contributes to making Carousell an outstanding station is its rapid expansion by capitalizing on the eCommerce boom of Southeast Asia.

    Various Revenue Streams: While the platform lets you generate revenue through its various advertising packages essential to increase visibility, it also lets listing fees in high-value categories and subscription based premium tools.

    Easy Steps To Sell Products On The Carousell Platform

    Mentioned down here are the easy steps that the brand partner must follow to sell their products using this platform:

    Begin With Account

    • Firstly, the user must download the official platform Carousell and then essentially create their account which they require to put up their product for listing here.
    • Next, they must sign up using a valid email or even signing up with a Facebook account will work. 
    • After that, be ready to receive a confirmation message via text to your mobile to verify your identity and once verified you can create your account with a password.

    Product Listing

    • Listing your product on Carousell is easy when you use a mobile app or the website. You must click the sell button on the platform that you can find on your profile itself. 
    • You can either choose to take a picture of the item, or select one from your gallery and if the image size is too large, you must reduce it as required.
    • Essentially, the brand partner must focus on uploading clear and well-fit images that accurately reflect the condition of your products and then select the product category.

    Product Description

    • The last step which is essential to sell your products on Carousell involves mentioning a necessary description about your listing and then essentially tap-listing it and wait for the buyer to approach.

    Carousell Revenue Model

    These are the top three models on which the revenue model of this platforms finds its base:

    1. Advertising:

    The main revenue source at the platform contributes the advertising packages here that are specially available for brands and resellers as these packages work wonders to increase visibility and reach traffic. Carousell Coins is the only that the brand partners at this platform can use for advertising prices that differentiate based on the competition, location, etc.

    2. Listing fees:

    While the user visits this platform, they can expect the first listing free, but high-value categories, including properties and cars might require them to pay a listing charge which may vary from country, category, etc.

    3. CarouBiz Subscription:

    Moreover, at Carousell the users can also expect CarouBiz subscription which is expressly the pricing and quotas subscription plans where subscribers get access to premium features, like higher product quotas and business analytics.

    Benefits Of Using Carousell To Sell Your Products

    Check out below:

    • Monetizing Digital Currency: The sellers here get Carousell Coin which is the present in-app currency of the platform, that works excellent to pay for advertising packages or listing fees.
    • Premium Seller Tools: The selling station is a treasure of some premium tools for sellers, including CarouBiz that provides subscription plans to let you access advanced features and analytics to help improve online business.
    • Market Competitiveness: While the platform aligns its revenue-generating methods with the broader marketplace models, it never disappoints by facilitating transactions and offering added value to sellers.

    How Can I Improve Sales on Carousell?

    Mentioned below are some tricks that the users can follow to improve their sale experience at a minimal cost using this platform:

    • Join Groups

    Discovering the interests of other users by joining the platform groups is another amazing method to narrow the member interests, making it easy to target potential clients. Since the platform offers free joining to its groups, the users can simply navigate to the official app and hunt for the groups and community lists that are relevant to their product.

    • Use Keywords

    Since the Carousell suggests the most relevant pages when users enter keywords in the search box, using relevant keywords can help improve the searchability of a product listing. Try mentioning them either in the title, tags, or description and consider it the equivalent to hashtags that identify content on a specific topic and do not use more of them.

    • Relist old items

    Another strategy that the user must adopt is to ensure updating the items they mentioned for listing on the platform marketplace online. Since the date is clearly visible on the platform’s listing and most probably the item may not seem so appealing to the visitor since it’s dated too long before. Thus, we suggest you delete the old listing and prepare a new listing at Carousell containing the same product, while also focusing on improving your keywords and listing description.

    • Your Social Media Presence

    Lastly, the platform user can find various technological oriented ways like using social media networks or Carousell groups to hunt for the potential buyers. They simply need to tap the three vertical dots present at the top right corner of your profile and then essentially click share. 

    Are there any negatives about this platform?

    As per our research, we came across some of the below mentioned points:

    • The website may miss some important information.
    • Accessibility problems can cause issues.
    • Looking for high-quality images can be difficult.
    • Ad blindness can lead to users becoming victims.

    Final Words

    We tried our best to cover every relatable aspect about Carousell that the user or brand partner must know before they visit this platform. The platform being the latest startup in Singapore emerges with an approach to join the long list of unicorns and leverage the pandemic-induced shift of consumer behavior, fintech and the exponential growth of ecommerce to boost its market. By following the simple steps that we mentioned above in the post, the brand partners can easily list their products for sale and they must not forget to add some relevant keywords and a proper description for better response to their listing. 

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