Council Building Control service of Belfast City is committed to maintain the safety and security standards of building around the city, which offers a public reception at Cecil Ward Building, and here in this article we will understand about who need it along with the Cecil Ward Building opening hours to find out when can people connect with it. 

    Know about cecil ward building opening hours

    The Cecil Ward Building opening hours are from Monday to Thursday 9am to 5pm and on Friday 9am to 4:30 pm. The Building control service of Belfast City Council maintains the standards and security of the buildings located in the city, they are committed to provide accessible and responsive services where it includes application form, inspection and other services to maintain the smooth process and safe environment in buildings. They provide a public reception at Cecil Ward buildings.

    Process of cecil ward building opening

    In this block we will discuss the process of cecil ward building opening below:

    1. Firstly you have to arrange all important documents like details of the owner, building address and other necessary details.
    2. You can contact authorities to know about the procedure.
    3. Following that, you must properly fill out the application form.
    4. After that you have to pay the required fees or charges.
    5. After submitting fees you have to submit the application form and other relevant and important documents in the designated office or you can upload the application on a dedicated online platform.
    6. After that your application will be verified by the department by doing some inspections and reviews.
    7. If they verify it and are satisfied then they will approve your application and after that, they will inform you to do further required process. So in this step, you have to complete or follow the further process asked by the authorities.
    8. Now you have to be sure that you have collected all the necessary certificates and permits from the authority for the its opening.

    Who Requires Cecil Ward Building Opening

    Now as we have complete the opening process let’s understand who need Cecil building openings:

    1. A person or any organization who wants to open the Cecil Ward building needs a Cecil building opening.
    2. If somebody is property owner then that person needs to open buildings for different purposes.
    3. Government officials who are working in building openings need it.
    4. If you are an architect, or contractor of construction and have completed the construction then you will have a need for it.

    Key Responsibilties Of Cecil Ward Building

    There are some major key services that Cecil Ward Building needs to follow which are mentioned as follows:


    Managing control needs 24 hours notice for inspections that reflects their efforts to be fliexible and efficient. This service is important for managing ongoing compliance with building rules and regulations.

    Application Forms

    They provide several forms for creating regulations approval that gathers to both domestic and non-domestic properties.

    Creating Regulation Charges

    All working factors are under the remit of building regulations that charges a fee. These fee varies upon work type, whether it’s newly built.

    Radon Details

    Radon is colorless, odourless, and tasteless radioactive gas that naturally occurs in rocks and soil. With its key potential health risk, especially attached to lung cancer the council suggests on radon levels in different areas.

    Serious Structures

    The dedicated segment for reporting serious structures or dilapidated buildings shows the council’s active approach to avoid major hazards.

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