A question that’s often high when new-fangled platforms emerge is their fairness. Is it a legitimate, or is it just another scam? As it is not a rip-off. It’s a legit platform with real money-making possibilities, done photo views, and then downloads. Payment is generally completed through PayPal, making the payout process clear and easy to track.

    Setting up your account

    To start your journey with us then you can easily make a free account on ClickASnap. Yet, if you fail to unlock additional features such as marketing digital downloads or stock-taking photographs, you’ll fail to opt for a pro account or level a pro seller account. A pro description offers a more customizable home page besides better analytics to track your photo views and then receive potential.

    Free account

    You can initially customary up a free account to get a texture for the platform. The free account has some limitations, such as a cap on the number of photos you can upload and fewer customization selections for your profile. But, it’s a good starting point for laypeople or those who are sceptical and want to appraise the platform’s legitimacy..

    Pro account features

    Customizable home page to make your portfolio attitude out

    •  Enhanced analytics to path your photo views, paid views, and earning more precisely
    •  Higher upload restrictions for more visibility

    Pro seller account features

    • All the assistance of a Pro account
    • Ability to sell digital downloads in addition to stock photography
    • Option to set your prices for your work
    • Merchandising features to offer your photos on many products

    Payment setup

    Both Pro and Pro Seller accounts partake in a small monthly or annual fee, but the probability of increased earnings often offsets this cost. Set up your PayPal account to cook for receiving your earnings, then link it to your ClickASnap account for a smooth outgoing process.

    Profile customization

    Notwithstanding the account type you choose, applying time customizing your profile is essential. Include a persuasive bio and a high-quality profile picture, and use any customization features your account closes. A well-curated profile can attract more subscribers and potential buyers, which can translate to more views and developed earnings.

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