One of the best-known American wrestlers of all time, Steve Austin, is wed to Kristin Austin, who is also his fourth marriage. Her early life and family are largely unknown. Austin, occasionally credited with making WWE a global phenomenon and praised as its biggest star, has changed significantly due to her presence. 

    About Of Kristin Austin

    Kristin Austin is the 4th lawfully wedded wife of Steve Austin, the best American wrestler of all time. Her name is Kristin Feres and she has made public appearances most of the time with his husband. She is often acknowledged by Christin for changing his life entirely.

    Kristin was born in the United States of America and follows the Christian religion. She is famous for being a TV personality. She immediately rose to fame when she married the famous American wrestler, Stone Cold Steve Austin. After that, she attended multiple wrestling events of the WWE along with red-carpet appearances.

    Kristin Austin’s Age

    As far as Kristin’s age is concerned, there is not much information about her age, exact place of birth, date of birth, etc. Nor did she ever like to talk about her age in front of the media. She wants to keep everything private. That’s why she stays away from the limelight.

    However, it can be assumed that she might be in her 40s as per her beauty and the way she carries herself. Her brown eyes and golden hair describe the physical attributes of her beauty. Her height is around 5 feet 7 inches and her body is absolutely slim and fit.

    Family of Kristin Austin and Steve Austin

    Family of Kristin Austin

    Kristin Feres hasn’t revealed where her family lives and who her father and mother are. They are just assumed to be living somewhere in the United States of America. On the other hand, her husband used to live with his mother and father before they chose to split up. At that time, he was only one year old. Their names were Beverly and James Anderson. After that, he was taken care of by her mother and his stepfather, Ken Williams. Along with that, he has a sister named Jennifer and three brothers; Kevin, Scott, and Jeff. Presently, Kristin and Steve live happily in Marina Del Rey, California. They also have 3 dogs living with them at their house.

    How did Stone Cold Steve Austin and Kristin Austin first connect?

    We only know a little about Stone Cold and Kristin’s courtship since they value privacy. Steve Austin, who has acknowledged that he met her at a pivotal time in his career, has credited her with helping him turn his life around.

    Kristin Austin, Spouse Of Stone Cold Steve Austin

    In 2009, when Steve Austin’s life is thought to have changed dramatically, Kristin married Steve. This relationship, in contrast to others, was successfully concealed. Austin had previously experienced three divorces. 

    In 1990, he wed Kathryn Burrhus, his high school sweetheart, for the first time. Austin sought a relationship with his manager Jeanie Clarke when his reputation skyrocketed, and the two have two children together, Stephanie and Cassidy, who were born in 1992 and 1996, respectively. 

    They separated in 1999. Austin wed wrestling manager Debra Marshall in September of 2000. Austin had married her while he was at the height of his power when he was full of roid rage, testosterone, and other such things. 

    Their relationship was strained on a different level due to physical violence from Austin, primarily caused by roid anger. Their romance short-living finally. He married Kristin in 2009. Austin’s most extended partnership to date has lasted more than 11 years.

    Do Stone Cold Steve Austin and Kristin Austin have children?

    There are no children between Stone Cold and Kristin Feres. Austin has been married several times, but his sole children are from his union with Jeanie Clarke in second place. He is the father of three daughters, one of which he adopted from Clarke’s previous union. His biological daughters go by the names Stephanie and Cassidy.

    The Career Of Kristin Austin

    Before entering into the life of his husband, she was a famous Television personality working in the US. She came into the life of Stone Cold Steve Austin when he needed her the most. After her presence, his life had a total roller coaster turn. As of now, Kristin use to look over his husband’s possessions. Before supervising the properties of the retired wrestler, Steve, she was managing a ranch in Texas till the time it sold out. Now, she oversees the Nevada estates and properties of her husband very dedicatedly. 

    Social media Influencer Of Kristin Austin

    Additionally, she doesn’t use social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. She is also quite concerned about privacy. She may hide her social media accounts out of privacy concerns.

    The net worth of the Kristin Austin

    In reality, she never talked about her real net worth. Although she was a famous person before marrying her husband. In contrast, her husband, Stone Cold Steve Austin has achieved so much in his life that he has managed to create a current net worth of 50 million dollars. He began his career by joining WCW in 1991. During the next 12 years, the majority of his career was devoted to WWE. 

    In 1996, he earned the title of Stone Cold. Unfortunately, he decided to retire from the wrestling industry when got a heart attack before a match. Currently, the beautiful couple leads a normal life in Marina Del Rey, California, and have added a new house to their list that they bought for around 1.49 million dollars. 


    Kristin Austin gained notoriety after marrying her husband, Steve Austin. She is also Steve Austin’s fourth and current comprehensive. Additionally, Steve made his professional wrestling debut in 1989 in a World Class Championship Wrestling (WCCW) match against Frogman LeBlanc that was broadcast on television. As a result, Steve made up to $20 from each bout while living in his car.


    In which year, Steve and Kristin decided to marry each other?

    Both the couple exchanged vows in the year 2009. Before marrying Kristen Feres, Steve Austin had already married 3 times. 

    Are Steve and Kristen having any children together?

    No. They don’t have any children together. But, Steve already had 4 children before marrying his 4th wife, Kristen. 

    What are the names of the ex-wives of Stone Cold Steve Austin?

    He tied the first knot on 24 November 1990 with his first wife, Kathryn Burrhus. Later, they were divorced on 7 August 1992. She was his old-school lover but their marriage failed somehow. 

    His second wife was his wrestling colleague and wrestling manager, whom he married on 8 December 1992. Her name was Jeanie Clarke. They later divorced on 10 May 1999. 

    Lastly, he exchanged vows on 13 September 2000. His third wife’s name was Debra Marshall she was a renowned wrestling face. Both decided to separate ways after Debra filed a molestation case against her. The couple got divorced on 5 February 2003.

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